Cadets 6 - 9yrs

Children aged 6 - 9yrs are the most enthusiastic students. They love creativity and problem solving, which makes them ideal students in the Martial Arts. The problem we discovered is they are so progressive in following tasks, some teachers tend to treat them like their older peers. This is a problem because they still do not have the basic skills necessary to keep up with older children. The solution we found is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. 


Adult 18yrs+

Taekwondo is a fascinating artform and a journey that is challenging and fun. Along the way, you will see a change in your physical and mental wellbeing and make great friends that can be continued throughout a lifetime. Providing an adult training environment provides a focussed learning environment and an opportunity to progress with peers. Here at Evolution Taekwondo, our members train in a relaxed, friendly environment and the aim is to have fun. It is much more than a place to work out. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a complete novice; this program provides a unique blend of fitness, strength training and self-defence that traditional gyms and methods of exercises don’t provide. Taekwondo is a fascinating artform and a journey that is challenging and fun. Along the way, you will see a change in your physical and mental wellbeing and make great friends that can be continued throughout a lifetime.


Juniors 9 - 12yrs

From the age of 9yrs, students are at a ‘golden age’ of development. Self-esteem and confidence are the most important areas to build upon and in our dynamic Juniors Taekwondo program, we challenge engage and empower students to strive toward excellence, be open and mindful of others and to always make great choices. We understand the important role of friendship in this group and we have some amazing role models for your children to look to for any help, advice or guidance. You will begin to see an increase in their confidence, and they will be calmer and more respectful of themselves and others and have a more positive outlook on life.


Competition squads 

Taekwondo is only one of two Asian martial arts that is included in the Olympic program.

Having made its debut in the Sydney Olympics, Evolution Taekwondo offers training & competition Sparring classes that provides a pathway to the Olympics. We also provide a Competition poomsae program for students wishing to develop high performance competition skills in the technical arena.

We support and encourage ALL our members to reach their full potential & those that want to take their martial arts training to a whole new level.
Those that show high performance levels & skills are invited to supplement their training with dynamic athlete training and conditioning. Selected athletes are then able to start competing In-house & work their way to local, state, national & international level events.


Teens 13 - 17yrs

Students aged 13 - 17 years are physically very capable & are influenced by their peers - so training together are a group gives a multitude of benefits both physically & socially. Many life long friendships are formed in this age group.
At Evolution we believe that Taekwondo provides physical development alongside personal growth & confidence This is a chance to train with like minded positive classmates and develop a strong support team Taekwondo offers the best of both worlds as progress is based on individual effort with the advantage of training with a team The Teen program provides age specific classes enabling every session to be targeted at this dynamic age This age excels at Martial art training as students are often the most physically capable in the whole club and with guidance can become excellent leaders


Evolve program

Evolve program is a NEW and exciting extension program for students wishing to take their training to a higher level. 

The program provides an opportunity to train at a higher level and develop advanced skill levels Leadership skills are also learnt in this program.

Students that enjoy challenge and reaching personal best will thrive in this program, These students truly inspire others and lead the way to excellence.

Students are invited into this program based on skills and attitude to ensure they are capable of the demands of this program.

Students are required to be very organised regarding time management and self regulation to take on this program and get the most from it.